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Music Ministry

Minister of Music:  Rev. Douglas Pitts

Our purpose is to use music to minister the word of God with opportunities given. The songs we sing and style of music we select are intended to lead people into God’s presence. The Music Ministry serves our church family during special events and funerals.

UBC Adult Praise Team

The powerful voiced praise team ushers the congregation into worship with a mixture of music from traditional worship melodies to New contemporary style songs. Usually sings twice a month.

UBC Praise Ensemble

A more contemporary choir that sings high energy upbeat songs as well as melodic praise and worship songs. Usually sings twice a month.

UBC Mass Choir 

The melodic sounds of our largest adult choir sing traditional songs from hymnals to old time traditional songs along with some contemporary. Usually sings twice a month.

UBC Youth Praise Team

Full of young teenagers who have the desire

to lead worship service with their gifts God

has given them. Usually sings once a month.

UBC  Youth Choir 

This vibrant choir is a combination of young

kids and teenagers that make up the high

energy yet melodic choir. Usually sings once

a month.

UBC Joyful Noise Choir 

These babies love to sing, move and praise God with everything they have. Ages 2 to 8 and usually sings once a month.

UBC Male Choir 

This choir is filled with men who have the desire to worship God through song. With a mixture of quartet and choir style songs they sing to usher in the presence of God. Usually sings twice a month.

For more information contact the Music Ministry by emailing:

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